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Weather for Lapeer MI.
Today Wednesday Thursday
It is forcast to be Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM EDT on July 29, 2014
It is forcast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM EDT on July 30, 2014
Chance of a Thunderstorm
It is forcast to be Chance of a Thunderstorm at 11:00 PM EDT on July 31, 2014
Chance of a Thunderstorm


  • DOMESTIC: 600 Blk of N. Van Dyke Rd. Caller and their GF are in a dispute . GF has been hitting caller with her shoe in the face. GF was named. Caller has called back stating they wanted to cancel, but was told that due to the nature of the call an officer had to check. #ImlayCity

  • Witnesses shot at dogs, called 911 for mauled jogger
    Neighbors recount other attacks and menacing by the Cane Corsos that now have killed a man.
  • EMS ALOHA 30: 600 Blk of Maple Vista St. Elderly named M that pushed his emergency pendent. Unknown medical. #ImlayCity
  • METAMORA FIRE OFFICER TX CENTRAL (EARLIER CALL 7-28-14): Nothing further heard on this but will update when I am able to. #Melamora
  • EMS ALPHA 20 (EARLIER CALL 7-28-14): 4800 Blk of Jefferson St. 12 y/o M with a possible seizure there. He is semi alert and breathing. He had seizures when he was a baby, but none since then. Caller was woken up by him gagging. He has had 1 seizure so far. Shaking has stopped. It lasted 1 to 2 minutes. He is very lethargic. #NorthBranch
  • NOISE COMPLAINT: W. Genesee St. and S. Main St. at the park, caller states there is about 8 vehicles making lots of noise, and squealing their tires. Caller can't see any of the plates, or get any descriptions. #LapeerCity
  • METAMORA FIRST RESPONDERS / EMS ALPHA 10: 2600 Blk of Brocker Rd. 17 y/o F that has had to much to drink, and now is vomiting blood. She is awake and breathing. It is unknown how much she has had to drink. At midnight she was moaning like she was in pain. She has been vomiting since 1 am. #Metamora
  • ** LAPEER FIRE CALL FROM 7-27-14 **

    LAPEER FIRE (EARLIER CALL 7-27-14): 1900 Blk of W. Genesee St. Also the 1800 Blk of W. Genesee St. Odor complaint. Strange odor that about smells like paint thinner type of smell to it. They are all getting headaches and feeling nauseated. They are refusing EMS.Caller states the smell is unbearable, and evacuating everyone outside there. 104 wants this treated like a hazmat response. 104 wanted the number of people that were sick. There was 4 employees and several customers. EMS ALPHA 10 was requested for a standby there. Respond non emergency. 104 wants everyone checked out. 141, 151, 121, 1321, 161, 171, 102, 104 are all in route and on scene. 104 states the smell is coming from the floor striping material being used, and poor venting. 104 states the entire area needs to be evacuated so the whole building could be vented. EMS has been released from scene by fire. 104 states the smell is worse in the W. end of the complex. 104 requests ELBA FIRE STATION 2 and METAMORA FIRE for their vent fans, Non emergency. 604, 622, and 801 was in route and on scene. #LapeerCity

  • GUNSHOTS COMPLAINT:: 4500 Blk of Stewart Rd. Caller heard about 4 gunshots in the past 2 minutes. Caller thinks it is coming from N. of that address. Just an area check. #Metamora
  • SUSPICIOUS: 1800 Blk of N. Van Dyke Rd. Caller heard a gunshot about a minute ago. Then there was pounding on their bedroom window. Caller let 2 large dogs out, and they are in the back. Caller didn't want to look out, so hasn't seen anyone, or thing. Caller, their husband and their son are there. Husband has a riffle out and has went through the house. Caller states they have their dogs back in the house. Police are in the area. The 19oo Blk of N. Van Dyke has had quite a few calls from this address, that police is familiar with. Caller hasn't heard anything since they called. Callers son states that they heard multiple gunshots, but caller only heard the one shot. Caller that is on the same side as them to the N. is unusually dark there. They always have a porch light on. There vehicle is there. Husband has put riffle away. Police units on scene. #Goodland
  • METAMORA FIRST RESPONDERS / EMS ALPHA 10: 3100 Blk of Farm Brooke Ln. 16 y/o M that is foaming at the mouth. He has had issues with seizures as a baby, but not recently. He is making terrible noises. He is breathing. Has issues with migraines. #Metamora
  • SUSPICIOUS: 300 Blk of S. Van Dyke Rd. Report of a pickup truck there with no lights on, at the pumps, with no one around. #ImlayCity
  • TRAFFIC COMPLAINT: E. bound 69 at Lake Pleasant Rd. Report of a semi that is all over the expressway. Semi has a blue cab. #Attica
  • Could you Please share! Bo went missing last night in the Vernor Rd and Roods Lake Rd area. He is a friendly unaltered chocolate male. Please call 810-656-9606 for information.

  • ANIMAL PROBLEM: 1100 Blk of Sherwood Ln. Caller states the people who live across the street haven't been home in over a month. Their dog is constantly barking. Caller states they are unsure who is feeding the dog. #Mayfield